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Life Update: Birthday Parties & Back to Uni

With my parents wedding anniversary (thirty-one years, how amazing is that?), my Aunts birthday, my mums birthday AND one of my best friends birthdays all taking place in the space of five days, you can imagine last week being quite a busy one. On the Thursday of my mums birthday I was pretty excited as… Continue reading Life Update: Birthday Parties & Back to Uni

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Generally speaking, my favorite book genres are fantasy, thriller and crime, however recently I have been finding myself reading lighter novels, focusing more on friendships, love and life, so it was a shock to my system when I began reading Normal. Normal is a thrilling story exploring inside the mind of a cunning serial killer.… Continue reading NORMAL – GRAEME CAMERON: REVIEW


Hey Guys, It’s Lindsay (Formally CatsandWizards)

Hey Everyone, This is Lindsay and this is my new blog. For just over a year now I have been blogging on and have loved it, however have decided to create a new blog with a more formal url which I feel fits me and my blog better. If you are here because you… Continue reading Hey Guys, It’s Lindsay (Formally CatsandWizards)