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Life Update: Birthday Parties & Back to Uni

With my parents wedding anniversary (thirty-one years, how amazing is that?), my Aunts birthday, my mums birthday AND one of my best friends birthdays all taking place in the space of five days, you can imagine last week being quite a busy one. On the Thursday of my mums birthday I was pretty excited as I was pretty good this year at getting her presents in early, getting everything parceled and buying her birthday cake. I was also quite pleased with my present (something I never am with anybodies present) and I knew she would like it. I bought her lovely black leather ankle boots from Topshop and one of the few Nicholas Sparks books that she doesn’t already have (finding one was a challenge, I assure you), and I was right – she loved her present and has been wearing her new boots since. In our house, on our birthdays, we usually always order in a takeaway and just relax, so we ordered a Chinese and then had an amazing chocolate birthday cake. It was a really lovely night and I am very pleased to say that my mum had a really nice birthday and got lots of other good presents.

The following day was one of my best friends (Steph) 21st birthday and she had a massive function party in a hotel. She was pretty nervous that no one would turn up, or enjoy themselves, but she had a massive turn out and everyone has such a great time. She looked amazing and it was such a brilliant night. Her and her family pulled out all the stops to make the party as amazing as it was; the hall was decorated so nicely, all in blue, white and silver; there was a ridiculous amount of food that all tasted amazing; and there was a really cool photo booth with funny props. The photo booth actually made my night, it was so much fun and I absolutely love taking pictures so I was never out of it.


Everyone loved the photo booth, it was such a good idea. Overall it was a brilliant night and I am so glad that Stephanie enjoyed it just as much as everyone else did.

This week started off however with me driving back up to Ayr as I started uni again. It has been okay so far, we haven’t done any work, just been told the inevitable amount of work we will have to do this year as we are now working towards our Honors degrees. It is so scary being a fourth year, the years at uni have went in so fast, I remember the first day in 2012 as if it was last month. The thought of my dissertation and massive portfolio is also incredibly stressful and overwhelming, but I have always thought our assessments seemed impossible in the first week and I have always managed them, so I m sure I will be fine. Wish me luck!

Lindsay xo


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