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The Battle of the Body Butters: Cranberry

I don’t know about you, but I am great at applying moisturiser to my face but am always so lazy when it comes to keeping the rest of my skin hydrated. I usually do feel a little more encouraged though when moisturising my skins means I am able to use body butter, meaning my skin is soft and I smell amazing. I love body butters; they always smell great (my go-to scents always being cocoa butter, mango or cranberry) and I like how they are thick and creamy, unlike some moisturisers and lotions that can be runny and greasy to apply.

When I first decided to start using body butter regularly I automatically turned to the Body Shop, due to being known for being great in all things skincare and beauty I assumed their body butters would be great; and I was right! All of their range smell amazing and the fruity scents last for ages on your skin so you are smelling sweet all day.  One Christmas, however, my aunt bought me a cranberry scented Boots body butter set from their Extracts range, which turned out to also be such a brilliant product.


Since then, I have repurchased both body butters way too many times and they are both my top go-to choices, however thought it would be interesting to review them both and see which one comes out the best!

Cranberry Joy Body Butter – The Body Shop                                                                                                                   200ml – £14 


This body butter is a limited edition Christmas product, which is sad since it smells so great, however, the Body Shop have such a large variety of scents on offer that cranberry once a year isn’t actually as bad as it sounds. This butter, like most Body Shop products, has quite a strong scent (in a good way, of course!) and smells like a mix of cranberries, cream and sometimes marzipan (sometimes I smell it, sometimes I don’t, not sure if this is just me or not) and overall smells wonderful. For me at least it is important for any skin product to smell great as otherwise I just won’t be encouraged to use it, so I definitely want to use this as it does smell lovely.

The consistency is very thick and very creamy, so you feel your skin being moisturized. It promises to hydrate all skin types for 24 hours, which even though that is an awfully long time for a product to work, I can promise that it does work for a long time. If I apply this in the morning, I know my skin will still be feeling soft and hydrated at night time. The butter contains cranberry seed oil and shea butter so you are guaranteed to feel a difference when using this.

The only complaint I have about this product is that it does take a while to fully absorb. I would say the majority of the product absorbs instantly, however it doesn’t completely, so sometimes I am left with a slight body butter layer on my skin. This usually happens most around my elbows and behind my knees, therefore from experience I know now to use it pretty sparingly when applying. This may not be the case for everything, and I’m sure if you have very dry skin it wouldn’t be a problem, however, I have quite oily skin therefore that may be why.

Boots Extract Cranberry Body Butter – Boots

200ml – £6


Similarly to the Body Shop’s body butter, this is a limited edition product which is only ever on over the Christmas period. This product, like many others from Boots, is also available in a three-piece set with shower gel and a body scrub, which is a fab Christmas present, as well as a nice treat for yourself.

This body butter also contains cranberry seed oil and shea butter and smells amazing; it has a lovely strong scent which lasts hours after applying. The cranberry seed oil is also organic which, I absolutely love as I have sensitive skin and this butter never irritates my skin and keeps it feeling smooth and soft.

This body butter keeps my skin hydrated and moisturised (as promised) and with a creamy, non-greasy consistently it feels amazing on my skin. The main thing I love about this product is how fast it absorbs into my skin. Within seconds of applying it is fully absorbed and it doesn’t leave me feeling sticky or oily. This is an amazing thing especially on mornings when I am getting ready for uni or work and am having to rush out the door; I am able to apply this quickly and put my clothes on in no time.

Overall, I love both of these body butters very much and highly recommend both products, however as this is called ‘battle of the body butters’, I would say that the Boots Extract butter is my favorite. Not only does it keep my skin hydrated and soft, it absorbs quickly and is a brilliant price for how much you get.

Lindsay xo


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