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Life Update: Uni Work, New Beginnings and Birthday Fun

I realise I have barely shown my face on here for a while (despite to upload my body butter post) and I apologise for that, but I have been so busy lately. Fourth year of uni definitely is a lot harder than all the other years, and although I tend to only be in one or two days a week, I seem to be drowning in uni work, which is getting more difficult to keep on top of. I am trying my best to study, take additional notes and start early on assessments, but there is so much to do so the past few weeks have been pretty overwhelming. I am not the only one though, in fact it appears that my whole class feels the same way, which is comforting to know, but also means none of us are much help to one another, since we are all equally stressed and tired. I can’t complain though, it is a known fact that fourth year is a difficult, stressful year, and I think I am doing pretty well so far.

I have also been kept very busy by the fact that I got a new job in a clothing store. It is pretty exciting (and also very scary, I must admit) and it still doesn’t really feel real that I work there now, since I was at my last job for two and a half years. This is my third week, and last week I was working five days in a row which was a blessing, but also crazy. It was tiring working five days in a row and it was a little difficult to find some motivation to do uni work after my shift, but I am grateful for last week. Working that many days in a row when just starting really got me into the swing of things; I got to meet more people and feel more at home; it got me used to how things work and how they operate by being there a lot; so I really can’t complain. Everyone I am working with is also so lovely and have been really welcoming, which makes things a million times better. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t quite proud of myself for getting this new job – despite it only being temporary until January – it will give me great experience and a lot more confidence, and if I don’t get kept on after New Year then I will have a better CV to help find a new job.

In other news, I turned 21 last Monday, and had such a lovely birthday and got spoiled rotten by all my family and friends. On the Saturday before my birthday my friends and I all went out to Bread and Butter, and Cathouse and had such a good night. The Sunday night was spent in the Grill on the Corner with my whole family and it was amazing. That was my first time at Grill on the Corner and it was so lovely; all the food tasted great (especially the chips, they were the best I have ever tried) and the place itself was beautiful. On my actual birthday I spent the day lazing about, watching Harry Potter, so overall it was a great birthday. I also got so many amazing presents, so will be doing a birthday haul very soon!

I have so many other ideas for blog posts I want to write, so hopefully my uni work load will ease off a bit so I can post them soon!

Lindsay xo


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