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First Impressions: Elvive Extraordinary Clay Re-Balancing Shampoo

As I have mentioned a million times before on my blog, I have greasy hair (I swear I’ll stop talking about it one day). I, unfortunately, have alway had greasy hair and have therefore tried many shampoos claiming to clean the scalp and leave hair oil free forever; this is rarely the case and even though many do allow me to have a little more time before my hair is devoured by grease (sorry for that horrible mental image), my hair is still showing signs of oil by the time I’m heading to my bed. I am usually very optimistic however, so whenever I see a new shampoo for greasy hair, which there is a shocking lack of in the high street, I get very excited to try it. This week I have been using Elvive’s new shampoo designed for greasy hair and dry ends, which is very convenient, seeing as I have long hair which tends to suffer from split ends and dryness. This new shampoo states that it will deeply purify the roots whilst hydrating the ends. The shampoo has three combined clays to help battle grease, which I thought was a good sign, seeing as the best shampoos I have found for my hair are clay based. I was still slightly wary however, as usually Elvive shampoos don’t always agree with my hair, but I tried it anyway with an open mind.

IMG_4883The first thing I noticed using this shampoo was how lovely it smelled, it has a lovely fresh scent and your hair is left smelling lovely the whole day. This was mainly a shock as the clay-based shampoos that I have used in the past have always lacked any scent. This shampoo also goes into a really nice lather (another thing lacking from some clay shampoos). Whilst rinsing my hair in the shower my hair felt squeaky clean and slightly dry, however, I had no problem brushing my hair when out the shower and my hair was feeling lovely and soft once it was dried.

This product promises to leave your roots lightweight and clean for 72 hours; now I did not believe this at all and did not expect it (I highly doubt there is a product out there that is that good), and it, as expected did not leave my roots oil-free for three days. It does, however, leave my hair feeling clean and soft all day, and when I wake up the following day from washing, there is still some sign of oil in my roots, but definitely not as much as with a normal shampoo. Overall, I am pretty impressed with this shampoo; it leaves my hair feeling clean and soft, it is gentle on the lengths of my hair so I can use it daily, plus it smells lovely. If you have greasy hair I would definitely try this, and I am also tempted to try this ranges hair mask too.

On another note, in case anyone is interested, two other shampoos that I have tried that clean my hair pretty well are Wella SP Regulate Shampoo for Greasy Scalps (a clay based shampoo which is a bit more pricey and I won’t lie, extremely hard to find but also a great shampoo), and Alberto Balsam Apple Shampoo – this is a really nice shampoo, it smells amazing plus it is very cheap and is sold in most supermarkets.

Lindsay xo


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