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Life Update: Uni, the 1975 and More Uni

I haven’t written a life update in a while and that is due to a few reasons; mainly because I spend the majority of my days sitting in front of my laptop doing uni work (very exciting, I know) and also because due to the amount of time spent doing coursework, I don’t seem to have much time to do anything else that is exciting enough to share. With that being said, I have thankfully had some good nights away from my desk these past few weeks.

Over a week ago now, on Friday night, I spent the night at the O2 Academy seeing the 1975 live for the fourth time, and they were incredible (as always). I don’t think I will ever tire of seeing them live, they sound amazing live and their light shows are beautiful. Arriving at the O2 I found myself feeling some deja vu, as the very first time I seen them – and only knowing a handful of songs – they performed the O2. Back then, in early 2014, they were slightly more subdued (emphasis on slightly), and most noticeably, the crowd was considerably smaller. Though the hall was filled, we all had a comfortable space where we could dance and not feel at all crushed. This was a slightly different scenario when I seen them twice later on throughout 2014, where I was lucky to be able to reach my arm up to scratch my nose, and it was certainly a complete turnaround from last Friday. The crowd was packed with adoring fans, all singing along perfectly to every song and calling after Matty Healy. Though it was great to have room to dance two years ago, that was a rare novelty which can’t be expected from an ever-growing band, like the 1975. They played a good mix of their new album with their first album, and though they played around 20 songs, the performance flew in. IMG_5154

The gig was followed by a good night at my favorite club to go to in Glasgow, Cathouse. It is very ‘rock’ and ‘pop punk’, so definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is such a fun, carefree place to go and dance the whole night away (highly recommend for anyone in Glasgow who hasn’t been).

I also went to Cathouse again this Thursday which was another great night. After seeing my friend Josh’s band, Blackwork play their first headline gig in Audio – which was so good and had such a good turn out – and deciding to celebrate the handing in of a difficult International Perspectives essay, my friend Kirsty and I decided to go to Cathouse and we had such a fun night. Though we did have to go back home and get her ID before getting into Cathouse we had an awesome time, made many friends as always, and definitely drank too much (I paid for it the next day, I assure you). Sadly, we took only a handful of pictures, all of which are terrible (yet funny).

Thursday was also a good day for another reason however, I had my one month check up at Optical Express to see how my eyes are doing since the laser eye surgery, and they are great! I already knew they were, seeing as I have great sight and my eyes don’t even feel like I have had surgery on them, but it is still nice to get that reassurance. I was told that my eyesight is now incredibly good and I have better than 20-20 vision, which is amazing, especially for someone whose long distance sight was so bad previously that she had to wear glasses to even see her laptop screen clearly.

In other news, my friend Kirsty and I have booked our tickets for Leeds festival, which I am so excited for. It has such a great lineup this year, and the last time I went in 2014 was so awesome, so I know it is going to be a great weekend!

Apart from that, I have superglued to my uni work, which I am slowly trudging through and the end is in sight – which, honestly, I can’t decide if it is good, or terrifying.

Lindsay xo


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