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April Favourites

I realise I have been away (again) for a while, but I have now handed in my dissertation and portfolio (yay!), so finally have some time to write a blog post. Obviously, due to spending so much time glued to my desk and my laptop I haven’t had much time to buy or try many new things, but I have had a few things that I have just been loving.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Blush 

IMG_5963I love sweet perfumes, so any scent from Marc Jacobs Daisy collection is going to be one of my favourites and the new Daisy Dream Blush is no exception. It is a sweet, light scent with notes of violet, rose, lily, bergamot and freesia. This is such a beautiful limited edition of the lovely Daisy Dream, which has been my perfume of choice lately. If you liked the floral yet fruity scent of Daisy Dream then you have to try this limited edition; they are both sweet, airy perfumes and I get compliments on both.

Avon Gel Finish Enamel 

IMG_5969IMG_5972Admittedly I am not usually a massive fan of Avon products, however, I had heard good things about their new gel finish nail enamel so I wanted to see for myself. I went for two colours, a nice dark grey, which I think is such an amazing nail colour, and a deep pink. I also got the top coat as well, as I was in need of one. I was immediately impressed and these polishes dry instantly. By the time I get round to painting my pinkie, my thumb nail will already be dry. You only need two coats, and even then the second coat is only to cover any bits I may have missed slightly. The colours are lovely and exactly how they look in the bottle. The top coat is also great and makes the [olishes even more shiny and gel like. The polishes definitely last chip-free longer than my usual nail polishes, however still began to chip after two days so they are definitely not a definite alternative to gel nails. Other than that, though, I’m still loving these polishes, and all month I have been alternating between the two colours.

Nivea Refreshingly Soft Moisturising Cream 

IMG_5968I have been loving this moisturiser for quite a while now, but since I have been staying in the majority of the time lately and not been wearing any makeup, this has been my daily moisturiser. I have oily skin, and most moisturisers I have tried have been too heavy for my skin, especially when I then put on makeup, but this product feels very light and refreshing. It is also gentle on skin and leaves your skin lovely and soft. What makes this even better is that it is so cheap, I got this tube for only £1. I think finding a cheap moisturiser is always a great find because moisturiser is used morning and night, so is well used. Saying that, this moisturiser has lasted over a month and there is still plenty of product left.

Nivea Pearly Shine Lip Balm

IMG_5974I am a huge fan of lip balm, and Nivea balms are always my favourite – they work amazingly and are always really cheap. This was the first time I have tried their Pearly Shine balm, and it is nice, but not overly moisturising, compared to their other balms. It goes on a sheer, light pink, which wasn’t what I was expecting (I was expecting more of just a shiny lip balm I guess) but I still do like it. I wear lip balm every day, so this isn’t one of the ones I wear daily but instead choose to wear it when I am going out, as it adds a pop of colour yet is still subtle.

Made in Chelsea

Usually, I am not one for reality TV shows; I may watch an episode or two if it comes on TV, but they are never something I routinely watch or pay much attention to. Made in Chelsea however, is the exception. I love this show so much, and it is now back (and I’m embarrassingly excited). It returned a few weeks ago and already so much drama has happened, and it is making my Monday nights exciting again.


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