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Life Update:

Uni is now well and truly over, I have handed in my dissertation, my portfolio; on Thursday I did my last exam and in July, I will be graduating. It definitely hasn’t sunk in yet that my time of being a student is over, that very, very soon I will be trying to get a real job and be going out on my own into the big world. The thought alone of me no longer being able to get a student discount is scary enough, never mind becoming a proper adult.

For the past seven months I have been working on my dissertation, which looked at how mental illnesses are portrayed in British newspapers, and on April 28th, I waved it goodbye and handed it in. It was such a good feeling to submit it away and know I would never have to sit for hours on my laptop working on it again. The day was made even better by handing it in with some of my friends at uni; all submitting such a massive piece of work together made it way more fun, are far less daunting.

My dissertation submission was followed the next day with submitting my portfolio, another big piece of work, which was much more fun to work on than my dissertation, but still felt great to get rid of it and send it away. Handing in those two assignments did, however, quickly send me into relax mode, where my Friday was spent catching up on Made In Chelsea, getting a dominos, watching Wedding Crashers with my brother, and then going on a very fun, and very last minute, night out with Kirsty (we decided to go out at half 11 that night). Having a night out was great, though, because neither of us had been out in ages due to all our coursework, so it was fun to finally be able to go out and celebrate all the work we had just finished and handed in.


Being so deep into relax mode did, however, make it difficult for me to start studying for my International Perspectives exam, which was on May 12th. For exams, I am always very well prepared; I make a lot of notes (all colour coded – of course) and like to give myself plenty of time to make my notes, research information and try and remember it all. But after handing in two big pieces of work, it is almost impossible not to feel that everything is done and you no longer have any worries or deadlines, where uni is concerned. I did eventually manage to pull myself together a week and a half before the exam, and even though it was a lot to learn, I think I did well in the exam. The questions were really good, and myself and the rest of the class are all feeling pretty optimistic about the exam, so hopefully we all did as well as we’re assuming.

It has now almost been a week since my exam, and I have some well needed time off, with my days consisting of walking my dog, seeing my friends, Netflix, and finally having time to read again. To make my time off even better, my and some of my friends are going to Thorpe Park in a few days which I am so excited for. I have never been to Thorpe Park before, and I keep watching videos of all the rides and I am very excited, but also very scared. It should be good though, and will be good to get away with my friends for a little while and celebrate us finishing uni.

Now that I have a lot of spare time on my hands I will definitely be updating this blog so much more and already have a few blog posts planned in my head, and will also be sharing Thorpe Park with you all too.

Lindsay xo



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