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First Impressions: Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

Even though I tend to stick to high street brands for my skincare, I have always been a fan of Clinique’s skincare range and have yet to try a product that I don’t love. My mum got this small 15ml tester of their Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief moisturiser and had never tried it, so last week I decided to try it out.


Initially, I wouldn’t have thought that this would have worked well on my skin, as, despite it stating it being for all skin types, overly moisturising creams can be too heavy on my oily-combination skin. However, as soon as I applied this, I was happily surprised; it absorbed into my skin instantly and my skin felt so smooth and soft. This product is more of a gel than a cream, and is incredibly lightweight, with a slightly silky feel when you apply (think Benefits Porefessional primer).


The product is advertised to be used three ways: an immediate moisturiser; a midday boost over makeup, which I feel may be too heavy for oilier skin types as my skin is prone to be oily midday when I’m wearing make-up regardless; and as a five-minute moisture mask, which I haven’t yet tried as I only have a small amount of product and it is too good to not have as a daily moisturiser.

I would highly recommend this product, it has left my skin feeling silky and soft, is not at all oily and my skin well hydrated. As it is Clinique it is more on the pricey side, with a 50ml tub being £34, however if it is in your budget and you are looking for a new moisturiser, you should definitely try it out, I doubt you will be disappointed.

Lindsay xo


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