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The Versions of Us – Laura Barnett: Review

This book caught my eye the very first time I saw it in Waterstones, pretty, colourful covers always draw me in so I was automatically intrigued by it.


For the longest time I largely stuck to reading books on fantasy, horror and thriller, and for the past two years I have been making an effort to take in other genres, and through that have found many great books, some of which are now my favorites. I got this book for my Christmas, and started reading it in March, however, due to my mass amount of uni work (which pretty much tripled in size between March and May), I only managed to finish it the other day.

The Versions of Us tells the story of Eva and Jim, both students at Cambridge, who bump into each other in 1958. We follow three different versions of the two, seeing where their lives take them and the impact they have on each other, up until present day.

I personally think the storyline of this book is great; it’s interesting and the characters are portrayed in such a way that they seem so real and relatable. The book, throughout, is well-written and the overall plot was great to read, however, it was also a bit confusing. This may have been because I was studying and doing uni work in between reading, but at some points, it quite hard to follow and remember what had actually happened. I felt this was mainly because most of the versions ‘chapters’ were only a few pages long before you were onto the next version and each versions chapter was a different year. The book was also just over 400 pages, which isn’t too long, but with such small chapters, a lot happened, meaning you had a lot of things to remember for all three versions.

I don’t want to sound too critical, or negative though as I did enjoy it, and it really is very well written and a really interesting book. For me, it also really showed just how fleeting life is, and how fast time is moving. Before I knew it the characters I met at the beginning, young 19-year-old students, were pensioners who had their whole lives behind them. Their lives flew by right before my eyes, and though it was quite confusing at points, they all the characters lived such interesting lives.

Lindsay xo



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