Our Thorpe Park Adventure

This time last week, I was at Thorpe Park with three of my best friends; Kirsty, Abi, and Kyra. To be more precise, this time, last week (7:30pm at the time I’m writing this), we were in our hotel room, relaxing and beginning to get ready for dinner, after our first day at the park. None of us had ever been to Thorpe Park, though, so we were all pretty excited to be there, and our first day did not disappoint.

I can be quite scared of rollercoasters (although I do still love them) but I made myself go on all of them and loved every second of it. The park is pretty big and there are so many rides to go on, and I loved them all. We obviously tried the famous Saw ride, which was very creepy, and, I’m not going to lie, is one of the scariest, but is so good. There are so many drops in it, and with there being only two rows in each ride, you have a great seat no matter where you sit. That one ended up being my favorite one, with Kirsty and I riding it seven times over the two days we were in the park.

Other great rides were Stealth – this ride is insanely fast (going from 0-80mph in about 2 seconds) but is so much fun. We went on this on a few times as well, and even though the thought may be terrifying, definitely try and sit at the front. Even though it is incredibly fast and the highest ride in the park  (205ft), it’s more fun than scary and is so fast it’s over before you even have time to be scared.

All the rides were good, although Colossus was probably my least favorite, mainly because it went upside down 10 times, and going upside on a rollercoaster is what scares me the most when on a ride. It was still fun, though, however, I only ventured on that one once. Sadly, the Derren Brown Ghost Train, wasn’t yet open, and they’re not sure when it will be opened due to it dealing with new technology. I’m still not 100% sure what the ride will be like, but it will have an age restriction of 13 and is meant to be really scary, so it would of been great to go on it.

What made our weekend even better was the amazing weather. In Scotland, the weather had been pretty sunny and warm, however, the sunshine was dying down a bit leading up to me going away, but the sun was scorching when we arrived at the park. The weather was perfect the whole weekend, which was ideal since it helped dry us slightly after every ride on Tidal Wave (top tip: maybe don’t wear denim on this ride, as you will be ridiculously wet and still be drying hours later).

Trying to stay cool mid-drop on Tidal Wave
Drenched after our first ride on Tidal Wave


Since we got 2-day tickets, we stayed at the Thorpe Park Shark Hotel, which was nice but very small. Thorpe Park is by a lake, with the hotel just by the lake so the scenery was lovely, and we had a lakeside room which was nice to walk out to every morning. The hotel is ideal for staying at the park, and is really all you need but felt quite like a bunker. The rooms are all the same, and made for four people, with a double bed and a bunk bed. There wasn’t really much room for anything else, and with there being no windows, when someone went for a shower the place was stuffy and way too warm. Despite that, overall it didn’t really matter since we were only really in the room to sleep and get ready, so we weren’t overly bothered, plus there was a good tv in the room so we could watch movies in bed, which was a bonus.

Our two days spent at Thorpe Park went by so fast, the rides were great the restaurants on site were surprisingly really good (the pizza and pasta place near nemesis inferno is soo good), and weather made our weekend even better! If you’re thinking of going, or stay near by and the weather is nice, definitely go, it is so much fun and makes such a good weekend or fun day out.

Lindsay xo


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