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Mini L’Oreal Clearance Haul

A few weeks ago I was shopping with some friends when we noticed the clearance shelves in Boots, most of which was L’Oreal products. I like L’Oreal products and have never tried a product from the brand that I didn’t like, so I was quite excited to see so many of their products on clearance.

Most of the products were nail polish, and I absolutely love painting my nails, so was very eager to get my hands on some new nail polishes (you can never have too many, after all!). I decided on three colours, which as all very ‘me’ and I absolutely love them, and to make it even better, they were all marked down to £1!

The first polish is a black with silver sparkle through it. It is such a lovely colour and goes on exactly as it looks in the bottle. As it has glitter in it, it is a little tough to get off, but I found the glitter also made it more chip resistant, which is always a bonus. This polish dried super fast and looked great after one coat (although I added a second for good measure).

840 – Black Diamond

The second colour is a nice dark grey. I love grey nail polish, I think it looks great and is suitable for any occasion. There is something about grey nail polish which I think looks so sophisticated. At the moment grey has been my favourite nail colour, so I was very happy to see this in the clearance. This polish has a latex effect which gave it a slightly more gel effect than the others. Overall this is a nice polish, which, again dries very quickly. It began to chip on the second day, but I still really like it.

888 – Mademoiselle Grey

The third colour is a deep red, which is always my favourite go-to nail colour. This was the chosen colour that I wore to my graduation on Friday and it looked lovely and was chip free the whole day thankfully. Out of the three polishes, I have found this colour to last the longest without chipping, as it only started to chip today since being applied on Thursday. Again, this polish dried in quickly and looked great after two coats.

404 – Scarlet Vamp


The clearance items were not just nail polishes, however, and I also picked up a lovely rose gold eyeshadow – also for £1!

I have never tried L’Oreal eyeshadows before, but I really like this one. It is a lovely rose gold colour, with a light shimmer. It is a really subtle pretty colour and is great for everyday makeup. I have been pairing it with a light brown shadow and it looks very pretty.

Lindsay xo


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