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Fit Me Maybelline Foundation Review

I’m not sure if this foundation is new or not; on some websites, it is labelled as new and on other is it not, but when I discovered it two weeks ago it was the first time I had ever seen it before. I haven’t been looking for a new foundation, and for the past year have been faithful to my trusty Revlon Colour Stay, as it is amazing (it really is!), but this caught my attention and was only £5.99 so I decided to try it out.


When first applying some onto the back of my hand I was slightly sceptical and wasn’t really expecting much to be honest, as it came out quite runny and I don’t usually like runny foundations as I don’t find they give me as full a coverage. However, when I started to actually apply the foundation to my face I was pleasantly surprised. It blended very easily and quickly, it felt light but still gave a good medium to full coverage, and not a lot of product was required to cover my face.

I have tried applying this foundation with both a traditional foundation brush and a stippling brush, and both applications blended effortlessly and left no annoying streak marks like some foundations I’ve tried.

I would say this foundation gives medium coverage, however, is definitely buildable and feels really light on your skin. Being pale I sometimes find it difficult to find a foundation that really suits my skin tone. In the store, they look the right shade, but then either end up making me look orange or like a ghost, however, the shade 105 fits me perfectly. It gives a very natural look and is a lovely foundation for everyday wear.

Here is a before and after of using the Fit Me foundation, so you can see the coverage it gives you. As you can see I have a lot of freckles and pretty dark under eye circles, and the foundation does a great job covering them up, yet the coverage still looks natural and doesn’t look too heavy. The third picture is the finished look, where I have finished off my face with some powder to set it and ensure it lasts all day.

This foundation promises to give a long lasting matte, poreless finish, which for someone with oily skin like me, is music to my ears, and I’m very happy to say that it left my skin looking matte for hours. This foundation coupled with Maybelline’s Matte Maker powder (my favourite face powder, and a super cheap dupe for Mac’s Natural Skin Finish powder in my opinion) had me shine free and matte all day. Because this is more a medium coverage foundation, I didn’t find that my skin looked poreless, however, I don’t really expect any product to make my pores disappear and my face looking matte is always a bigger priority for me.

Overall, I highly recommend this product; it is a great foundation, it’s long wearing, mattifying and only £5.99, so you really can’t go wrong with this product.

Lindsay xo


3 thoughts on “Fit Me Maybelline Foundation Review”

  1. I think I must be wearing the wrong primer for this because I always end up shining quite quickly whilst others say it keeps them matte for ages. Nice review 🙂

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