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July Favorites

I’ve not posted a favorites post in a while, and throughout the month of July I came across so many great products and items, so thought it would be a good time to do one!

Rare Nails Nail Polish – 030 Merlot

IMG_7067My brother bought me this polish when in Tenerife, and I have never heard of the brand before, but after trying this polish I will be hunting online to find some more because I absolutely love this nail polish. It is such a pretty deep red (right up my street) with a slight metallic finish and dries instantly. It is also highly pigmented, so if you are painting your nails in a rush you could easily get away with one coat, although I always apply two to get a definite even finish. This polish is very shiny and catches the light beautifully, and a little top coat adds to the shine even more. IMG_7084My favorite thing about this polish, however, is how long it lasts. I repaint my nails every week, and usually, by the end of the week, my nails are all chipped with hardly any polish on them – but not when wearing this. I can be wearing this polish for four days before any chips start appearing, and even when they do appear they are very small, which is just amazing.

Nivea Fruity Shine Strawberry Lip Balm

IMG_7069I am a massive fan of Nivea lip balms, they are so cheap but such good quality, work amazingly and always last for so long. I tend to stick to the originals, but my friend always uses their Fruity Shine collection, and after seeing hers (and smelling them – they smell amazing!) I wanted to try one for myself. There are many different fruits to choose from, from watermelon and cherry, but I decided to try their strawberry one. Firstly, this really does smell amazing, and it continues to smell great when you are wearing it. The balm itself is red and applies like a very subtle lip tint with great shine. Though it is a lip balm, it is not overly moisturising, especially compared to Nivea’s other lip balms, so if you have very dry or chapped lips, this may not be the best for you in terms of moisture.

In Her Wake – Amanda Jennings

IMG_7073I bought this book when in Magaluf to read on the plane, but have only just got around to reading it now; I have just finished it and it was brilliant. It is the story of Bella, a woman in her late twenties, who after a tragic family event discovers some shocking news which leads her to questions everything that has ever happened in her life up until that point. I won’t give much away, as I highly recommend you give it a read, as it is such an exciting, shocking and gripping read.

Morphy 12-Piece Travel Brush Set

I have never tried Morphy brushes before, but have heard so many great things about them and have been dying to try them; so when I spotted this 12-piece brush set I bought it straight away. IMG_7089

This set offers a great selection of brushes and would be great for someone just getting into makeup who doesn’t have many brushes. Brushes are so important when applying makeup and having been using all these brushes the past month, they are amazing. They are so soft and are great for blending. My favorite brushes are definitely the foundation brush and concealer brush. I have never liked traditional foundation brushes, and always opted to use stippling brushes instead, but this foundation brush is amazing. The bristles are so soft and flexible and blends out my foundation flawlessly. The concealer brush has worked wonders for applying my undereye concealer and really helps hide my dark undereye circles.

As this set is technically a travel set, the brushes came in a pretty travel case. IMG_7092This would be great for someone who travels often and likes to keep their brushes seperate from their makeup when travelling. I however, don’t tend to pack my brushes seperate when travelling, however have been using the case to store the brushes on my dressing table.This is a really lovely set of brushes, and if you like Morphy or just in need of some makeup brushes, I highly recommend this set.

Barry M Illuminating Strobe Cream

IMG_6923I have already dedicated a whole separate blog post to this (which can be found here) but it had to be in favorites as well as I have been loving this highlighter so much. It is so inexpensive at only £4.49, is really easy to use and gives a lovely glowly look. I have used this product pretty much every single time I have worn makeup since buying it and it is just so good. It comes in two colours, Iced Bronze, which is the one I have, and Frosty Pink. IMG_6930It gives a nice subtle glow to the skin, but can also easily be built up into a more striking highlighted look, which I like to do when going out at night. This strobe cream also lasts such a long time, and I look just as highlighted when taking my makeup off, as I did when applying it.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation


It appears I have loved some of my July favorites so much I couldn’t wait to tell you about them, as I have also a separate blog post about this foundation (here). This is a really lovely foundation and I have worn it nonstop this month. It blends effortlessly, has great buildable coverage and gives a lovely matte finish. This foundation is also only £5.99, which I think is amazing for the quality of it. The shade is also a perfect match to my skin tone, which rarely ever happens as I am quite pale, but this looks so natural on and is all round just a brilliant foundation.

Lindsay xo


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