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Revlon Photoready Prime and Anti-shine Review

I have always liked Revlon products, especially their face products. The Revlon Colourstay foundation is one of my favourite foundations and I have always been impressed with any concealer of theirs I have tried too, so I was expecting good things when I bought the Photoready Prime and Anti-shine balm. I had never tried a priming balm before so was unsure what it would be like, but after applying this I can definitely say that I prefer the typical liquid primers for application. It felt lovely on and left my skin feeling very silky and smooth, feeling similar to NYX’s Shine Killer and Benefit’s Porefessional. I did find, however, that I had to use quite a lot of product to feel a difference on my skin and I found it quite difficult to see how much product was going on my skin with the white sponge and white/transparent balm. 

On first use I applied this under my makeup as I would with any other primer and as I started to apply my makeup I instantly didn’t like the affect it was having on my skin. My makeup wasn’t applying smoothly at all and I was having a hard time blending out my foundation. My makeup appeared patchy and even a little flaky which I rarely experience as I have oily skin. I tried using this under my makeup again the following day using a different foundation yet got the same results. 

Curious, I researched the product online to see if others had experienced the same problems; many had and suggested using the product on top of your makeup. This method was said to give your skin a smooth, poreless look, but isn’t the greatest at ensuring your makeup stays put or eliminating shine. At this point I was a little gutted as it was a primer I was looking for when I purchased it, but I thought I would try applying it on top of my makeup anyway. Sadly, this didn’t end well either, resulting in patchy foundation again. Despite lightly dabbing the sponge on my skin it seemed to remove a lot of my makeup and didn’t give my skin a smooth poreless look at all. 

This product was £9.99 which, despite not liking the product, I think is a fairly reasonable price, as I think it would last longer than most liquid primers.

Overall, I was pretty disappointed with this product. Even though it did leave my skin feeling soft and silky, for me, it didn’t work as a primer and when applied made my skin look patchy and flaky. This definitely hasn’t put me off Revlon products, however, this is the only disappointing product I have tried from them, so I am still loyal to their Colourstay range. If you’ve tried this product let me know what your thoughts are and if it worked for you! From what I’ve seen online there seems to be a mixed bag of reviews.

Lindsay xo 


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