New Found Love of Statement Pieces

It’s no secret that my outfits tend to consist of all black, with the odd splash of grey, white or red making an appearance. I love colourful clothes, but tend to love the sleek look of an all black ensemble even more. I have stuck with black on black for years, but recently I have been trying to step outside my comfort zone a little, opting for statement pieces to stand out against the black. I have three favourite statement pieces that I just love and always receive so many comments on, so thought I would share them here! 

The Lilac Metalic Backpack Having used my Michael Kors bag as my everyday handbag since getting it for my 21st birthday, I thought it was time to give it a break and get a new bag. I spent a long time looking for a good replacement, and came across this backpack on asos. I loved it instantly, but was slightly hesitant to buy it, as my comfort zone stepped in asking if I could pull off using such a bold, colourful bag. After contemplating for a while I decided to order it and I am so glad I did. It is so pretty, and such a gorgeous colour. It is a brilliant size and I receive so many compliments on it whenever I use it. To make it even better, it was only £25, which is amazing value for money. 

The Silver Ankle Boots I love ankle boots; they look brilliant with any outfit and are a staple for every wardrobe. Having owned plenty of ankle boots, not one pair of them have been anything but black, until now. I spotted these boots in the Topshop sale. They were the last pair and I picked them up interested, and to my surprise they were in my size (that never happens!). I was slightly unsure about the bold colour, but they were marked down to £7, and at such a great price I couldn’t say no to such lovely boots. These boots got even better, however, when I ended up getting them for a mere £5.60! I was pretty amazed, and still am to be honest. The boots are lovely, and really brighten up any outfit.

The Tartan Trousers 

I apologise for the photos of the trousers, I was unable to get a flattering shot of me wearing them.
I am a big fan of tartan, but always shy away when it comes to tartan trousers, as they are a pretty bold look, especially when they are a bright red tartan like these. However, I just couldn’t resist them and bought them after thinking about them non stop. I love the tailoring of these trousers, with a cinched waist and a more relaxed fit on the legs. They look amazing on, and can be worn casually and also dressed up. I love pairing them with my black dr martins, or my silver ankle boots with fishnet tights. 

Lindsay xo


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