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My Two Weeks at Heat Magazine

It was early April when I was scrolling through and noticed ‘Fashion and Beauty Work Experience – Heat Magazine’. I clicked on it instantly and excitedly read the description of the two-week internship, and began preparing my cover letter straight away. Working in magazine journalism is my dream job, and even the thought of being in the Heat Magazine office made me feel giddy.

I spent a week going over my cover letter, making sure I showed my passion for not only magazines but also fashion and beauty. When I was finally happy and changed it for the hundredth time, I sent away my application, and even though I was hopeful, there was a large part of me that thought that I wouldn’t get it.

Luckily, I was wrong, and two weeks later I received an email from Heat’s Style writer saying that I had been successful and would be joining the team in May! Reading the email for the fifth time – just to make sure it was real and I hadn’t dreamt the whole thing- I was in shock, and overwhelmed with excitement.

Fast forward a few weeks and I’m stepping off the train in London and settling into my room in Camden, feeling both nervous and excited for what lies ahead. I got lucky with the accommodation and the office was only a ten-minute walk away from where I was staying, which is perfect for someone who dreads the crazy peak time tube station London is famous for.

The first half hour of me arriving on my first day was a whirlwind. I walked into a bustling office with lots of lively chat and people hurrying on with their work. I was introduced to the small Fashion and Beauty team who were nothing but lovely and welcoming and got a quick tour of the office. They had just moved into the office and everyone was constantly apologising for the craziness that came with the recent move.

From the moment I stepped through the door I was set to work – the nightmare stories of interns doing nothing bar making cups of tea were a far cry from my two weeks. I worked 10am-6pm and every day I was working on something new and interesting. My days flew by as I researched many different articles, searched for the best beauty products and trends, gathered the latest fashion news, managed the fashion and beauty call-ins and returns and assisted in writing some copy.

For such a big magazine, they gave me a lot of responsibility and were always looking for my opinion. Whether it was finding the products that I thought were best suited for a certain spread, deciding on the best celebrity fashion pieces or choosing on some of the best products for their ‘Fashion Wheel’ page, they gave me the freedom to do it all.

Overall my experience at Heat Magazine was amazing, I met so many lovely people and it really confirmed my drive to work in women’s magazines. The thought of doing work experience at such a big magazine was admittedly little scary, and pretty overwhelming, but the reality was far from what I expected. I can’t recommend applying for work experience like this enough. I guarantee you will learn a lot and will come away with a better perspective of what you want your career to look like.

Lindsay xo


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