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Best of 2016: Makeup

Hey everyone! Since 2016 is almost over I thought it would be fun to do a post dedicated to the best makeup products I tried this year, as well as skincare and hair products - which will be a seperate post. I have tried many great products this year so thought it would be interesting… Continue reading Best of 2016: Makeup

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Top 3 Lush Products

I have always been a massive lover of Lush - their products smell amazing, they're great quality, and every product I have tried has worked wonders - so thought I would share¬†my top three favorite products. Unlike the majority of Lush loyals I know, I don't use their bath bombs (I am way more a… Continue reading Top 3 Lush Products

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July Favorites

I've not posted a favorites post in a while, and throughout the month of July I came across so many great products and items, so thought it would be a good time to do one! Rare Nails Nail Polish - 030 Merlot My brother bought me this polish when in Tenerife, and I have never… Continue reading July Favorites

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April Favourites

I realise I have been away (again) for a while, but I have now handed in my dissertation and portfolio (yay!), so finally have some time to write a blog post.¬†Obviously, due to spending so much time glued to my desk and my laptop I haven't had much time to buy or try many new… Continue reading April Favourites

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February Favourites

I apologise for this February favourites arriving when it is now nearing the middle of March, but I am currently drowning under uni work, so have been struggling for time to write and post this. But alas, it is here, and I have enjoyed many great products/books/tv shows throughout February, so here is my top… Continue reading February Favourites