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Life Update:

Uni is now well and truly over, I have handed in my dissertation, my portfolio; on Thursday I did my last exam and in July, I will be graduating. It definitely hasn't sunk in yet that my time of being a student is over, that very, very soon I will be trying to get a… Continue reading Life Update:

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Life Update: Uni, the 1975 and More Uni

I haven't written a life update in a while and that is due to a few reasons; mainly because I spend the majority of my days sitting in front of my laptop doing uni work (very exciting, I know) and also because due to the amount of time spent doing coursework, I don't seem to… Continue reading Life Update: Uni, the 1975 and More Uni

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Studying Made Easier (Hopefully)

The past few weeks for me have been filled with spending hours on my laptop reading journals, taking notes and trying to remember academic quotes from people I have never even heard of before. To say I had (still have) a lot of uni work to do would be an understatement. I'm in my fourth year… Continue reading Studying Made Easier (Hopefully)